Area of competence

As a confluence of specialized legal professionals, we offer the clientele profound know-how in the areas of (international) civil procedural law, commercial and general contract law, international private law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, labor law, real estate law as well as matrimonial and divorce law.

We guarantee:

Business law / general contract law / international private law

Economic life is marked by legal relations (often transcending borders) – whether they be contractual relationships or circumstances subject to corporate law. We provide you with strategic assistance in this (international) environment, support you in finding an out-of-court resolution and represent you before courts and authorities.

Real estate law

Where people live, buildings spring up. A deficient structure impairs the quality of life, while defects and problems in the erection of structures lead to disputes who bears financial consequences. We advise you in avoiding and eliminating such risks, especially in drafting contracts subject to real estate law. We represent you in disputes in those areas, even in the complex situations involving condominium owner associations.

(International) civil procedure law

No one wishes to be in a dispute before a court; but even less does anyone want to settle unjustified claims or write off what they are owed. With our experience before state courts and arbitral tribunals we are in position to give you a detailed appraisal of your chances, including the costs to be expected, and we prevent you from becoming embroiled in one of the formal situations of procedural law. Efficient dispute settlement requires painstaking preparation and management of the litigation, which is why a good litigator acts as a detective in ascertaining circumstances, as a chess master in deciding strategy and as a salesperson in performing before the court. Only in this way it is guaranteed that the court will "buy" your side of the dispute with the meticulously researched and correspondingly presented facts and ultimately recognizes your rights.

Labor law

Working largely determines the living circumstances of the population. Dealings with employees constitute an important factor in business. Consequently, the contractual employment relationship is of fundamental importance for both the employees and employers and thus, often becomes the subject matter of disputes. By means of diligent drafting of contracts and policies, we help you prevent disputes. If a conflict has transpired, we advise you comprehensively about options for dispute settlement and argue your interests before courts.

Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law

Not even in the economic center of Switzerland every enterprise flourishes . And not every claim, even when argued before courts, is satisfied by the debtor. Especially in transnational business relationships, this may lead to tricky questions. Our services include handling of liquidation procedures and representing creditors in securing and enforcing their claims outside and inside the bankruptcy of the debtor. This includes in particular freezing orders, enforcement procedures in rem and avoidance and claw back claims.

Matrimonial and divorce law

Every relationship, whether of matrimonial or domestic partner nature, is individual and personal. In just as individual and personal manner, we edit your prenuptial agreement, or your alimony rights or custodial rights agreement. If a relationship is dissolved, we support you in becoming financially disentangled. We are specialized in representing clients in complex disputes subject to matrimonial property disputes and to divorces with international connotations.