MLaw Melda Semi

During her master studies at the law faculty of the University of Freiburg i.Ue. Melda Semi worked for a leading business law firm in Zurich. After obtaining her master’s degree, she worked as a trainee for a law firm in Zug and then as a trainee for the Public Prosecutors Office in Basel-Stadt. Thereupon, Melda Semi was employed by a leading Reinsurance company in Zurich, which was followed by activities at legal protection companies as well as a law firm in St. Gallen. She was mainly active in the areas of labor law, general contractlaw, matrimonial and divorce law as well as social insurance law. Melda Semi was admitted to the Bar in 2019. As of February 2020, Melda Semi is currently employed as an attorney by RKR Attorneys at Law in Zurich. She is listed in the Register of Attorneys.


Area of practice

Melda Semi is specializing in litigation both before state courts, arbitral tribunals and authorities. She advises clients in German, English, and French as well as in Turkish. She practices particularly in the areas of labor law, general contract law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy law as well as matrimonial and divorce law. In those areas she is specialized in litigious matters.

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